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For many years management has been oriented towards fast and maximum profits and has compelled managers to act according to simple and lean patterns meant to be effective as far and as soon as possible. However, the information society with its ubiquitous networking and decentralized access to information, knowledge and learning is rendering it more and more inappropriate to guide and control organizations by means of central ruling. Also, increasing complexity, rising scarcities and amplified interactions require superior solutions, more sophisticated managerial skills and adapted modes of cooperation and corporate advancement. Today, linked thinking, social sensibility and collective intelligence are key factors for future success. Employing them has become vital for excelling in a complex environment. Developing them is, therefore, a principal aim of future management. Collective identification with the values and lasting objectives of a company depends on their joint conception and acceptance. This starts with formulating possible futures as a basis for deliberate choice and preparation.

Realizing the import of future factors in its own field of activity enables a company to revise outdated patterns of thought and conduct without external pressure and to gain motivation as well as creativity. Inducing and fostering them is a central duty of modern management in a fast changing environment.

A culture allowing ideas to develop continually and drawing on the experience and expertise of many, preferably all, staff members forms the best basis for future capabilities.

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