Set the right causes for the future

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In an age of global interconnectedness future management is a necessity, not only for business development but also and increasingly for business continuation. The sooner a company prepares itself for the future the less it will have to act under intense internal or external pressure. Therefore, organizational awareness for upcoming change, the so-called future consciousness, is of vital importance for organizations in competitive environments. Targeted attention to prospective developments sharpens the perception of upcoming opportunities and risks as well as the need for action.

Imagine entering a future laboratory enabling you to go through the most probable and most important future scenarios, to consult first-class experts on future developments and to examine the impact of the various transformations and interconnections to deal with... If every important question about the future can be addressed and answered in the future lab what questions would be yours ?

Our service: Frequently, the proper impulse (from Latin: impellere = push) is crucial for opening mind to future realities, challenging assumptions usually taken for granted, and for sparking off innovations. Our future oriented talks last from 30 to 120 minutes and catalyze change in thinking and dealing with future realities. Ideally, they are supplemented with workshops using diverse techniques and forms of cooperation suited to the subject, length and groups of participants.
  1. In the World Café future scenarios get developed and discussed.
    Duration: 2 to 3 hours depending on scope
  2. Time traveling allows to explore future scenarios, to detect and understand future risks and opportunities.
    Duration: 1-2 hours depending on objective
  3. In the future laboratory causes and their effects are examined and possible signals are checked for their significance.
    Duration: 1-5 hours depending on depth and complexity

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