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Anticipated for many years by now the transformation of our social and economic environment into a knowledge society is materializing apace. The better companies adapt to this the more secure their future. The ongoing globalization has lead to a globalization of information. Time- and location-independent access to knowledge inevitably creates an explosive dynamism with increasing impact on companies.

Success in business is subject to new factors. Managing a dynamic and complex future calls for fresh thinking as well as modified processes and new skills in dealing with future, people and innovation. Organizational learning becomes a future decisive challenge. More and more successful enterprises are seeking support from future experts, innovation and change managers who bring future realities into management's focus and help them sustainably prepare the organization to the altered conditions prevailing in future.

Our service: Our Self Assessment SA Basic addresses the pivotal role interconnection is playing today and in future. It steers you through the relevant issues of the knowledge economy and assesses the answers given at management level accordingly. The Self Assessment SA Basic covers all management levels placing its emphasis as follows:
  1. Strategic Level: Values of the knowledge economy
  2. Tactical level: Structures for the knowledge economy
  3. Operational level: Knowledge management
SA Basic reveals how much you are ready for the new knowledge economy. By means of a color code it becomes clear in which areas your company is well (=green), reasonably (=yellow) or poorly (=red) prepared.

On other future relevant subjects we realize sensing assessments by arrangement.

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