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By and large humans tend to accept doctrines more readily if they are constantly repeated in the news, put forward by influential persons or printed by prestigious publishers.
To this end, marketing and PR specialists spread their news systematically and with high frequency. This, however, does not mean that their message is accurate or of any importance for the future. On the contrary: the less useful a product is the more aggressive its marketing. The less well-grounded a position is the more effort is made to direct attention to red herrings:
''In Switzerland an election campaign 2011 dominated by spurious subjects is in the offing... It is known from the US that this strategy is successful.'' [NZZ am Sonntag 02.01.2011, trans.]

Hence there is a substantial risk of overlooking early warning signs of change until the time for an effective turnaround has passed. In order to separate signals and events that carry valuable information about the future from perpetual and aggressively repeated noise sufficiently long periods of observation and analysis, intelligent data collection and high discriminatory power are crucial. Future screening is aimed at collecting, observing and interpreting signals that are most useful for realistic predictions.

Our service: We support your future intelligence by systematically identifying risks and opportunities in our fast changing and complex world of interconnectedness. Based on particular metrics, indicators for future developments and risk assessment we select and survey information regarding hidden interrelations, meaning, quality, relevance and slant.

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